About us

LOG Enterprises Ltd is the brain child of Vincentian Lynton Greaves. It started operations in August 1997 and has grown in leaps & bounds. 

Mr Greaves, after leaving his position as Sales and Marketing Manager with another local food wholesale company, saw the need to set up his own company .

At the inception LOG Enterprises rented warehouse space, and, after only three (3) years in business, we were able to purchase lands in Kingstown and erected a three-storey building. where we now operate.
We are into our eleventh (11th) year of operation. During this time, we have been able to represent many companies in the Caribbean, Canada and England.

These are the Companies that we represent (along with some of their more popular products).

1. Ansa Mc Cal Chemicals Ltd – Supreme Bleach / Sqezy Dishwashing Liquid

2. Ziotis International – Pharmaceutical Products and Cereals.

3. Regal Products Ltd. – Baking Powder, Icing Sugar, Peanuts, Cashenuts.

4. Trinidad Ropeworks Ltd. – Garbage Bags

5. Trinidad Match Co. – Swinger Matches

6. Stuart Brothers Ltd. – Essences & Food Colorings.

7. Connors Brothers Ltd. – Sardines & Tuna

8. R&C Enterprise – Plastic Bags, Forks & Spoons, Paper Bags

9. DSM Ltd. – Fermipan Yeast

10. Trinidad Tissues Ltd – Toilet Paper, Napkins, Paper Rolls

11. Tiltak BV- Biscuit and Energy drinks

12. National Canners- Mabel Products

13. Llewellyn Enterprises- Bakers Shortening, Margarine, Soya Chunks

14. Voortmans- Voortmans Cookies

15. Worlldwide trade Partners- Laundry Detergent and Sprigone

16. Angostura Ltd- White Oak Rum/ Blu Vodka, Bitters

17. Expert Marketing- Ideal Vegetable Oils


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